The toolmaking technician apprenticeship.

Functional and perfect tools are required in order to create high-quality plastic products from our machines. That’s exactly why we need you as a toolmaking technician – you take care of the maintenance, repair and servicing of our machines.

Job profile

  • Process mechanical parts and components
  • Maintain and optimize injection and blow molding tools
  • Manufacturing spare parts and tool components
  • Analyze, identify, and eliminate tool errors, defects and damage.
Lehrling Werkzeugbautechniker Fries Kunststofftechnik
Lehrling Lehrlingsausbildner Fries Kunststofftechnik


Everything that moves piques your interest. In addition, you are very good with tools and enjoy working in a team. Toolmaking technicians are specialists who rebuild tools according to plan, maintain them and produce spare parts. Computer-controlled machines, so-called CNC machines, will help you do this. The programs for these systems are written on the PC and processed on the machine.

Toolmaking technicians are responsible for ensuring that tools and mechanisms are functioning right from the start. If they notice errors or damage, they rectify them/it immediately.



Completion of 9th grade



Duration of apprenticeship

3.5 years


Vocational School
(once a week)

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