Cleaning rack 4.0 for efficient part cleaning

tech-rack custom 600 x 400 – flexible all-in-one system for the industry – supports automation in production

The cleaning rack 600 x 400 for cleaning, storage and transport supports automation in industrial parts cleaning. The racks are designed not only so that parts can be loaded in and unloaded from them by robots, but also, for example, so that 9 racks could be stacked on pallets using a gripper.

FRIES tech-rack custom advantages at a glance

  • Suitable for automation: loading and unloading by robots is possible
  • All-in-one cleaning rack: a rack for cleaning, transportation and storage
  • Efficient cleaning with optimized accessibility, with top product protection for sensitive surfaces
  • Up to 9 racks can be stacked on top of another on pallets with a gripper
  • Individual adjustments to height and compartment dimensions possible
  • Different configurations possible
  • Inside design adapted to the components is possible (with pins or dividers)
  • Light-weight: tech-rack custom is lighter than comparable stainless steel racks
  • Option of labeling and contact-free data transfer (RFID): logistical and technical production processes can be tracked seamlessly
  • Safe handling: shaped in a user-friendly way in line according to ergonomic principles. Rounded edges reduce risk of injury.
  • Dimensions suitable for both EURO pallets (1200 x 800 mm) and industrial pallets (1200 x 1000 mm).
  • Option of hot foil stamping on request