ESD tech-rack variogrid workpiece carrier

ESD variable workpiece carrier protects sensitive electronic components from electrostatic discharge during the entire production process.

The ESD tech-rack variogrid is a modular workpiece carrier system that is used both as an insert in a regular basket or divider rack and as a standalone workpiece carrier. The plate can be tailored to the desired size and therefore adapted to the circumstances in the cleaning machine or even for storage in small-load carriers (SLC). The rotary stacking bolts can be placed anywhere on the grid plate, ensuring stackability in any size.

Conductive industrial racks protect sensitive components
Electronic components can be destroyed from electrostatic discharge. To protect from such damage, we have developed the tried-and-tested tech-rack variogrid workpiece carrier in comp 25 material (ESD version) as well. It reliably prevents electrostatic charge generation and dissipates any existing charge in a controlled way. This prevents higher production costs and lower production output.

Optimally adaptable to industrial components

  • Protects electronic components from electrostatic discharge
  • The ESD tech-rack variogrid workpiece carrier enables components to be brought directly to an ESD area for assembly without repackaging.
  • Plate sizes can be tailored to the desired size
  • Optimum surface and scratch protection thanks to embedded rotating and plug pins along with cross and length divider.
  • Flexibility thanks to universal compartments and connector variants enable it to hold the greatest possible variety of components
  • A multitude of rotating and plug pins provide precise positioning for optimum component protection
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Stackable and variable in height thanks to stacking bolts
  • Easy to wash and low shielding
  • Handles can be modularly installed so that the space can be optimally used for workpiece plates.
  • Usable for transport, logistics and cleaning
  • Suitable for full automation and robot handling
  • The length and cross dividers are inserted into the bottom, counteracting the capillary effect

Available materials:

The teck-rack variogrid workpiece carrier is available in the following materials, depending on the requirements: