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Bistro rack 500 x 500

Bistrokorb Basys 500
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Bistro rack Basys 500

The R 500 basic rack is the perfect all-round rack. Excellent cleaning results thanks to open base and active circulation of water inside the rack. The 15 cm-high side walls prevent items from falling out.


  • Excellent cleaning results thanks to open base and active redirection of water.
  • Perfect for bars, cafes and restaurants

External dimensions 500 x 500 x 174 mm
Interior dimensions 460 x 460 x 150 mm
The stacked height of 2 units is 305 mm

Glasrelax GR 500 zu Bistrokorb Basys 500

Glasrelax GR500

For secure tilted position of glasses. Reduces breakage of glass and the water is able to run off the bottom of the glasses.

Tellereinsatz für Bistrokörbe PI 400 für 9 Teller

PI 400 plate insert

For washing 9 plates with a diameter of up to approx. 24 cm. The plate insert can be removed.

Besteckköcher CBS

CBS cutlery holder

Abtropfwanne für Gastrospülkörbe

Drip tray AWAT 500

Basys R500 mit 4 Terrasseneinsätzen

Glass rack R 500 – 4 GR

Basic rack with 4 inserts – Glasrelax.

Basys R500 mit 5 Terrasseneinsätzen

Glass rack R 500 – 5 GR

Basic rack with 5 inserts – Glasrelax.

Allroundkorb R500 für Teller, Gläser und Besteck
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Combo rack R500 – combo

Basic rack with Glasrelax, plate insert and cutlery holder.