Tech-rack custom+ cleaning rack

Efficient industrial rack for fully automated manufacturing processes

The tech-rack custom+ 400×300 industrial rack enables thorough and gentle cleaning as well as the storage and transport of sensitive components and workpieces. The racks are not only designed so that robots can load and unload the parts in and out of them, but also so that they can be stacked on pallets using a gripper. The tech-rack custom+ offers a wide range of configuration options with pins or longitudinal and cross dividers. The beveled stacking edges / stacking knobs counteract the capillary effect.

FRIES tech-rack custom+ advantages at a glance

  • Designed for automation: enables loading and unloading by robots
  • All-in-one cleaning rack: a rack for cleaning, transportation and storage
  • Efficient cleaning with optimized accessibility, with top product protection for sensitive surfaces
  • Beveled stacking edges prevent the capillary effect
  • Optional component-oriented grid floor
  • Height for each rack can be extended via rotary extender
  • Rounded corners prevent delicate surfaces from being damaged
  • The longitudinal and cross dividers are fastened into the bottom plate, which counteracts the capillary effect
  • Light-weight: tech-rack custom+ is lighter than comparable stainless steel racks
  • Custom configuration options for the greatest possible variety of component fixtures
  • Optional recessed grip for easier handling
  • Labeling and contact-free data transfer (RFID) option that enables logistical and technical production processes to be seamlessly tracked
  • Dimensions suitable for both EURO pallets (1200 x 800 mm) and industrial pallets (1200 x 1000 mm).

Material design:

The tech-rack custom+ cleaning rack is available in the following material design: