Plastic canister

Canisters are the perfect containers for storing and transporting liquids. In the assortment we offer a large number of plastic canisters with UN approval as well as food-safe and electrically conductive canisters from 10 to 60 liters.

Plastic canister guide

UN Kennzeichnung Symbol

Hazardous goods canister with UN approval

If plastic canisters are used for the packaging of hazardous goods, the canisters must be tested and provided with a UN marking. Depending on the transport route and type, the hazardous goods canisters must comply with different regulations. Discover our guide with all important questions and answers about hazardous goods packaging and UN approvals.


Symbol Lebensmittelkonformität Lebensmittelecht

Food grade canisters

Plastic canisters used as food packaging must be food safe or food compliant. The food grade canisters must meet certain regulatory requirements to ensure that they are not harmful to health. Discover our guide with all the important questions and answers about food-safe packaging.


Symbol elektrisch ableitfähig

Electrically conductive canisters

Electrically conductive plastic canisters are used in connection with explosive and flammable substances. The dissipative properties of the canisters prevent static charging of the filling material and thus contribute to explosion protection. Discover our guide with all the important questions and answers about electrically conductive packaging.