Jerrycan 1-handle 60l

Jerrycan from PE | 60l | UN type-tested | Dangerous goods container | Comfort fit | drainable of all residues

  • Ergonomically easy to grip
  • Excellent gripping and wearing comfort of the filled container
  • Drainable even in oblique pouring position
  • High weight bandwidth
  • Jerrycan is compliant with EN 12712-2000
  • Universal use thanks to wide-ranging hazardous material approvals
  • Either with or without stacking notches
  • Food compliant version according to EC 1935/2004, EC 2023/2006
  • and EC 10/2011 in the latest valid version.
  • Available in material independently tested in the pharmaceutical/medical industry on request
  • Available in “blue” and “natural” colors (other colors on request)


  • Screw cap SK60 or SK70, compliant with EN 12713-2000
  • Filling opening SK60x6 (inner diameter 48 mm) or
  • SK70x6 (inner diameter 57 mm), compliant with EN 12712-2000
  • Gas outlet valve available on request
  • Authenticity protection