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FRIES subsidiary scores a coup in Belgium

19 Dec. 2019|

FRIES' subsidiary Cup Concept Mehrwegsysteme GmbH - headquartered in Sexau (Baden-Württemberg) - has founded an additional subsidiary in Belgium after the one in Vienna. Cup Concept Belgium BV is forming a joint venture with Biopack, headquartered in Gistel (West Flanders). Management, among other things, will be assumed by Vorarlberg native Mag. [...]

Outstanding training company 2019

21 Nov. 2019|

For the third time, FRIES Kunststofftechnik obtained the "Outstanding Training Company" seal of approval (2019 - 2022). The state government, Chamber of Employment, and Chamber of Commerce of Vorarlberg award this distinction to training companies who ensure an extraordinarily high quality standard in apprenticeship training. [...]

SLT Canister is a beautiful lightweight

30 Apr. 2019|

With the SLT Canister, the FRIES Kunststofftechnik GmbH situated in Sulz/Vorarlberg (Austria) has brought an innovative packaging solution on to the market that has an unprecedented level of stability despite low material consumption. Stable - light - tangential, in short SLT: It was a tricky task [...]

EU top candidate Othmar Karas visits FRIES

11 Apr. 2019|

In the course of a state visit, the Austrian politician and People's . Party top candidate for the EU election visited the family-run company FRIES Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Sulz. "Speaking with representatives from successful production companies is very important to me [...]

  • retirement ceremony Thomas Rhomberg

Ing. Thomas Rhomberg honored in retirement ceremony

15 Nov. 2018|

After 32 years of successful service, FRIES Kunststoff GmbH Managing Director Thomas Rhomberg entered into well-deserved retirement in a ceremony on 9 November. The occasion commenced with a short tour of the company at corporate headquarters in Sulz, followed by festivities at the 2erlei in Rankweil. [...]

  • Fries groundbreaking ceremony

Ground-breaking ceremony for new warehouse

08 Oct. 2018|

With a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony, the FRIES Group began the construction of the warehouse in Sulz. Fries Kunststofftechnik GmbH of Sulz, Austria, is expanding its headquarters with the warehouse, which will be built in two construction phases. Additional storage capacity has become necessary [...]

  • Johann Pummer and Thomas Rhomberg

Thomas Rhomberg receives the H.F. Mark Medal

13 Sep. 2018|

Thomas Rhomberg, managing director under trade law, is nominated for the awarding of the H.F. Mark Medal in 2019 and will receive this award in the oratorio at the Vienna Imperial Palace. The H.F. Mark Medal is one of the highest awards in the field of polymer sciences. This brings the scientific aspect [...]

120 Years of FRIES

16 Dec. 2016|

We can look back with pride at the 120 years of Fries Success factors that are still prominent at Fries today are also clearly evident in the company’s history: continuous innovation, adaptability and employees at the centre of success. Fries was founded as a “paper tubes factory operating using water [...]

Excellent Apprenticeship Company for 2016

22 Nov. 2016|

FRIES has yet again been named this year’s “Excellent Apprenticeship Company”. At the headquarters in Sulz, four apprentices are currently been trained in the areas of metal technology/tool-making technology and plastics technology. There is a long tradition of apprentice training at FRIES. Apprentices [...]

ARENA CUP for SCR Altach

22 Aug. 2016|

Produced in our head office in Sulz and sold by Cup Concept, Sexau, the ARENA CUP reusable cup has been used in the Altbach Bundesliga stadium since 2016. The SCRA fans have reason to be pleased because the stackable handle means they can hold up to five cups in one hand. Thanks to the use of the [...]

New additions to Clixrack range

12 Oct. 2015|

Two additional extenders are now available for the Clixrack system of the fries-rack range. Extender P can be used for glass heights of up to 245 mm. Extender S can be used with our 500×500-mm racks for glasses of up to 115 mm and with our 600×400-mm racks for glass heights of up to 145 mm. The new [...]

tech-rack industrial rack with new PAG material

15 Jun. 2015|

The new material, glass-reinforced polyamide (PAG), for the tech-rack 600 x 400 industrial rack was presented at parts2clean 2015. The polyamide version was designed to meet increased demands in industrial component cleaning. The racks can be used for cleaning processes with aqueous mediums, [...]

2014 Reusable Innovation Award

26 Dec. 2014|

Cup Concept – sales partner and subsidiary of Fries Kunststofftechnik GmbH for returnable plastic cups wins the 2014 German Reusable Innovation Award for its ‘ARENA CUP’, which was developed by Fries and produced in Sulz. The award was presented by Deutsche Umwelthilfe in Berlin on April 2, 2014. [...]

New techtray workpiece carrier system

26 Oct. 2014|

Fries Kunststofftechnik GmbH is launching another innovation on the market with its patented workpiece carrier system ‘techtray’. In sensitive industries such as metal working, medical engineering, mechatronics, microelectronics, and precision engineering, cleaning components is a key element of many [...]

New Basys R500 500×500 Basic Rack

22 Jan. 2014|

Another product has been added to the Fries Rack System range: Basys R500 basic rack with an option to install terrace glass inserts GR500. All the benefits of the new Basys R500 basic rack can be found in the product information sheet. [...]

2013 Fire Service-friendly Employer

15 Dec. 2013|

Every two years, the Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association (ÖBFV) awards companies from all federal states who have promoted their fire service-friendly practice in recent years with the ‘Feuerwehrfreundlicher Arbeitgeber’ (Fire Service-Friendly Employer) prize. Put forward by the National Fire [...]

  • lehrling fries

Outstanding teaching 2013

01 Dec. 2013|

FRIES receives ‘Outstanding teaching’ title – ‘Ausgezeichneter Lehrbetrieb,’ a shared initiative between the region of Vorarlberg, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, and the Chamber of Labor bestows the title of ‘Outstanding teaching’ upon companies that guarantee high quality in training their [...]

Change of name as at October 1, 2013

01 Oct. 2013|

From Theodor Fries GmbH & Co KG to FRIES Kunststofftechnik GmbH - Our company will now go by the name of FRIES Kunststofftechnik GmbH. The operations of Theodor Fries Gesellschaft mbH & Co KG shall be transferred to the newly founded company by way of universal succession from October 1, 2013. The [...]

First watertight can

26 Feb. 2013|

Fries is launching the first watertight can (in line with the European ADR Agreement para. 2) without an additional seal. The snap-on lid is easy to close and suitable for automation. The smooth interior surface ensures residue emptying. The circumferential protective ring and tight-fitting [...]

XL racks – 3 new racks in size 600×500

22 Dec. 2011|

We have developed three new dishwasher racks in XL size 600×500 mm. Non-intrusive positioning ensures less wear and better cleaning results and the possibility to insert a combination of shallow and deep plates in one rack creates more flexibility. The XL size provides an increase in capacity, meaning [...]

New plate inserts for bistro rack 350 and 400

22 Nov. 2011|

Add a new plate insert to our 350×350 and 400×400-mm bistro racks. This will give you a whole host of new bistro rack benefits: The bistro rack can also now be used to wash plates. Suitable for plate diameters of between 120 and 290 mm. The staggered position of the plates ensures they are inserted [...]

2011 ACR Award

16 Oct. 2011|

Fries + OFI receive ACR Award (Austrian Cooperative Research) for plastic container with barrier properties. Standard containers made from polyethylene or polypropylene do not always meet the increasing customer requirements and statutory regulations. In partnership with OFI, FRIES has developed a [...]

  • Staatspreis vorbildliche Verpackung 2008

2008 State Prize for Exemplary Packaging

16 Oct. 2008|

Innovative packaging manufacturer from Sulz receives the special ARA System Award as part of the 2008 Austrian State Prize awards ceremony for exemplary packaging. Engineer Thomas Rhomberg will accept the award at 6 pm on November 5, 2008 in Vienna. A plastic multipurpose transport container [...]

2002 State Prize for Exemplary Packaging

16 Oct. 2002|

Electrically conductive plastic bucket, UN type tested for the transportation of liquids. Its innovative material mix of polypropylene and stainless steel fibers makes the bucket electrically conductive. Its metal lid and seal also ensure it is tightly closed for liquids and that it remains sturdy [...]

Worldstar Award 2000

16 Oct. 2000|

Measuring in-line wall thickness in canister manufacturing: FRIES wall thickness scanning (FWS). Fully monitored wall thickness distribution in the manufacture of selected canisters. FRIES receives this award as the first company in the new Hazardous Materials category. 2000 State Prize for [...]