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Workpiece carrier and cleaning racks for industrial applications

All-in-one: cleaning, transportation and storage.

The modular systems tech-rack, techtray and tech-rack variogrid improve safety and efficiency in industrial parts cleaning. The systems are, depending on the application, available in different material versions: FRIES Comp 13/14, FRIES Comp 21/22 or FRIES Comp 25 (ESD).

Advantages of workpiece carriers and cleaning racks

fries workpiece carrier all-in-one system

All-in-one Systeme
for industrial applications

  • gentle transport
  • secure storage
  • perfect cleaning

Everything in one system!

tech-rack variogrid with yellow handle and pins

Plastic instead of stainless steel

  • Optimum protection against dents and scratches at components
  • Reduced scrap
techtray with orange pins

Plastic meets high demands

  • For challenging thermal and chemical requirements in standard industrial cleaning of components
  • Perfectly suited for aqueous and solvent-based procedures and ultrasound applications
  • No migration of plastic
automatic machine handling workpiece carrier

Cost reduction thanks to process optimisation

  • All-in-one: reduced repackaging of components between production, cleaning, storage and assembly including transport

Further advantages of FRIES systems

  • Numerous individual configuration options
    Modular system for easy conversion for different component geometries, stackable.
  • Optimum protection and safety
    No clamping or mounting of components necessary – contact only with plastic, no dents and scratches at components and reduced scrap.
  • Efficient cleaning with optimised accessibility
    High cleanliness, good drying of components and removal of residual cleaning agents thanks to optimised openings and smooth shapes at the system. Smooth shapes enable optimum draining of water without separate cleaning of empty fittings.
  • Low weight
    Workpiece carriers and cleaning racks made of plastic have a lower weight than comparable metal racks and plates.
  • Automation capability
    Reduction of personnel costs.
  • Reuse system
    Reusable workpiece carriers and cleaning racks replace previous single-use blister packaging for saving of valuable resources and protection of the environment.
  • Uncomplicated and safe handling
    Reduced risk of injury thanks to smooth edges, easy assignment thanks to logic marking, installation without tools.