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Plastic, the proven alternative to metal

Austrian quality

For generations, FRIES Kunststofftechnik GmbH’s core competency has been the development and production of premium plastic products. Plastic workpiece carriers and cleaning baskets offer many advantages over conventional metal mesh baskets, especially in the field of industrial component cleaning.

Fries Industriekörbe und Werkstückträger Material Comp13/14

Material COMP 13/14

FRIES Comp 13/14 was designed for basic requirements in industrial component cleaning and is suitable for cleaning processes with aqueous and solvent-based media as well as for ultrasound applications.

Fries Industriekörbe und Werkstückträger Material Comp21/22

Material COMP 21/22

FRIES Comp 21/22 excels with even greater chemical and thermal resistance, therefore meeting the higher requirements in industrial parts cleaning. Among other things, this allows for use in autoclaves for steam sterilization.

Fries Industriekörbe und Werkstückträger Material Comp25

Material COMP 25 (ESD)

FRIES Comp 25 protects sensitive electronic components from electrostatic discharge. It prevents electrostatic charge generation and dissipates any existing charge in a controlled manner.