ACR Enquete 2011

ACR Enquete 2011 in der WKÖ Sky Lounge am 17.10.2011 I (c) Brunnbauer/Schnür 2011

Fries + OFI receive ACR Award (Austrian Cooperative Research) for plastic container with barrier properties

Standard containers made from polyethylene or polypropylene do not always meet the increasing customer requirements and statutory regulations.

In partnership with OFI, FRIES has developed a concept that combines the positive properties of plastic and metal. This enables containers to be manufactured, which are not only practically impermeable but also combine the positive properties of plastic (e.g. chemical resistance).

The chosen approach enables the development of containers that reliably protect the filling material against environmental influences (e.g. oxygen, water vapor, UV radiation, etc.). At the same time, none of the components of the filling material (e.g.: VOCs) are released into the environment.