Tellereinsatz für Bistrokorb

Add a new plate insert to our 350×350 and 400×400-mm bistro racks. This will give you a whole host of new bistro rack benefits:

  • The bistro rack can also now be used to wash plates
  • Suitable for plate diameters of between 120 and 290 mm
  • The staggered position of the plates ensures they are inserted non-intrusively; when two rows of plate inserts are used with the bistro rack 400, it is possible to add plates with a diameter of 120 to 210 mm.
  • Also possible to fit existing bistro racks
  • Adaptable positioning in bistro rack (fixed in place by 4 snap locks)
  • Also suitable for deep plates
  • Mixed placement (small and large plates in one rack)
  • Combi-placement possible with cups and small plates
  • Bistro rack 400 plate insert: 9 flat plates (2 inserts – 18 plates)
  • Bistro rack 350 plate insert: 8 flat plates