Plastics process technician apprenticeship

Your training as a plastics process technician is very similar to that of a plastics technician. Nevertheless, it differs in its duration, which is only 3 years instead of 4, and in the depth of the training content. In addition to the production of our sustainable reusable solutions, the focus of a plastics process technician apprenticeship is also on the processing and shaping of plastics. After production, you will inspect the products and, if necessary, correct production errors.

Job profile

  • Understand product drawings and technical documentation
  • Select and prepare plastics
  • Oversee the technical processing of plastics
  • Manufacture all products made of plastic


Are you interested in the correct handling of plastics and want to join us in discovering different ways of reusing them? As a plastics process technician, you will learn a lot about plastics and how to process them using high-tech processes. Are you good with tools, flexible, and enthusiastic about big machines? Then you are the right candidate for us!



Completion of 9th grade



Duration of apprenticeship

3 years



Your apprentice salary

Above-average remuneration according to the chemical industry collective agreement (as of 05/2023)

1. Apprenticeship year

1.145,50 €

2. Apprenticeship year

1.432,00 €

3. Apprenticeship year

1.718,00 €

Your benefits at FRIES

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Above-average remuneration according to collective agreement

1. Apprenticeship year €1,145.50

2. Apprenticeship year €1,432.00

3. Apprenticeship year €1,718.00