Spülkörbe Rack-XL-P-mix

We have developed three new dishwasher racks in XL size 600×500 mm.

Non-intrusive positioning ensures less wear and better cleaning results and the possibility to insert a combination of shallow and deep plates in one rack creates more flexibility. The XL size provides an increase in capacity, meaning a higher hourly output at lower unit costs:

1) XLP (plate): plate rack

  • for 24 flat plates with diameter 140 – 240 mm
  • for 22 flat plates with diameter 245 – 290 mm (very flat plates up to 320 mm)
  • for 22 deep plates with diameter 140 – 270 mm
  • for 11 deep plates with diameter 275 – 320 mm (also 11 small plates, combination can be inserted in one rack)

2) XLB (basic): for pans, bowls, and similarly large tableware

3) XLT (tray): tray rack

  • for 10 GN trays or 12 trays with max. length of 470 mm..(the last row is not filled for this)