Fries new CEOs 2017

In the photo: Gerhard Marte, Katharina Rhomberg, and Gerhard Bertsch

Generational shift at Fries Kunststofftechnik. The retirement of long-standing director and partner Martin Rhomberg means that a new senior management team will be taking over the responsibility for the business of the innovative plastic processor in Sulz with effect from 1 August 2017.

Within the three-member senior management team, Katharina Rhomberg from the owner family will be taking over the role of chairman and will be responsible for human resources and commercial agendas. Gerhard Marte will manage the areas of technology and production and Gerhard Bertsch will be responsible for the area of sales/marketing.

The commercial director and partner Ing. Thomas Rhomberg will continue to manage the R&D department until his retirement at the end of 2018.

Fries is involved in the production and development of a wide range of innovative products sold on international markets. A variety of products are made using injection moulding or extrusion blow moulding. Production, product development and administration are located in Sulz. The company has diversified its business into packaging, food service industries, industrial racks and technical moulded parts.

The company is Europe´s market leader in the manufacture of dishwasher racks for trade and industry. The racks are used worldwide. In prestigious hotels around the world such as the Burj al Arab, Dubai, and in the Singapore Airlines Business Lounge. Industrial racks are used to clean technical components from well-known car part suppliers or metal working companies, including parts for Air France aircraft turbines. Reusable cups for major events (rock concerts, festivals or German Federal League soccer matches) are sold by the Cup Concept (D) subsidiary.

Fries also specialises in industrial packaging. Barrels, canisters, buckets and cans are used for transporting foodstuffs, hazardous materials, pharmaceuticals, chemicals or for storing explosive materials.

Fries was founded in 1896, manufacturing paper and supplying the textiles sector. The company has undergone many profound changes since then. Two factors have remained constant during all these years of change: continual Investment in the Sulz location and, most importantly, capable, motivated and committed staff who have made Fries Kunststofftechnik what it is today.

Fries invested almost Euro two million in machinery for the Sulz facility in 2016 and 2017.


  • Total sales 2016: Euro 23 million
  • 155 employees (78 at the Sulz location)
  • Export quota : 87 per cent
  • approx. 4,000 tons of granulated plastic are processed each year