This year, together with our subsidiary Cup Concept, we are launching a revolution in the reusable cup market by integrating an RFID chip in the cup. This meets the need of restaurateurs and their customers for a dispensing and return system that is both secure and efficient.

The radio frequency identification chip (RFID)

The RFID chip is securely integrated into the base of the cup. The chip’s outstanding feature is that it enables contactless storage and data reading. Restaurateurs have the option of programming the chip according to their needs. The programming can also be combined with existing systems.

The three main advantages

Drink self-service stations are a quick and easy alternative for both restaurateurs and customers. For example, when purchasing the cup, the chip can be programmed for a Coke. The guest can then have their cup scanned at the self-service station and get a Coke.

The cup can also be used for a secure deposit system. The functional principle is simple: like an ATM card, the integrated RFID chip can be used to load an individual amount of money, such as two euros. When the cup is used, the deposit is automatically debited, and credited back when the cup is returned. The encrypted ID number on the chip ensures that it is impossible to misuse. The return deposit system is compatible with an online system, and can also be used offline.

The reusable cups with RFID chip make a significant contribution to sustainability. The chip can be utilized to determine the number of times the cup has been used. This makes it possible to reproduce real data from resource-conserving processes.

Versatile use in companies

This innovation is proving its worth not only with end users, but in companies as well. Employees are assigned a cup via chip number, and the deposit is automatically credited back to them when they insert the cup into the reverse vending machine. This ensures the proper return of cups, especially within companies.