Fries: Recipient of the State Prize for Smart Packaging

In the picture: Gerhard Bertsch and Gerhard Marte

In November 2020, the custom tech-rack product carrier and industrial packaging system was recognized as a “2020 Exemplary Packaging Solution” as part of the State Prize for Smart Packaging. The award is presented by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology. FRIES’ custom tech-rack system is suitable for the cleaning, storage, and transport of sensitive workpieces.

The “custom tech-rack” product carrier and packaging system is one of the industry’s most versatile products. The all-in-one industrial racks are suitable for industrial parts cleaning, and for the transport and storage of components. The racks can be individually adapted to the size and shape of the workpieces and provide optimum protection for the parts. A variety of pins, dividers, and accessories make this possible. The special design makes the “custom tech-rack” system suitable for fully-automated production processes.

The “custom tech-rack” is an enhancement of the industrial racks and workpiece carrier systems manufactured by FRIES. The industrial rack can be combined with the techtray grid plates and the variogrid tech-rack, which are used as workpiece carriers for small components.

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