slt jerrycan with recycled material

FRIES Kunststofftechnik GmbH now offers the SLT canister with recycled material. With a recycled content of up to 35 %, UN approvals for hazardous goods are also possible. The innovative canister is lightweight and extremely stable at the same time.

Economic and ecological advantages
The aim of the SLT canister was to save weight and material in order to reduce the use of plastic and thus the environmental impact. Resources are used more efficiently and the CO2 emissions per canister are reduced. The new SLT canister with recycled material sets a further example of reducing the burden on the environment.

Stable, light and tangential
With the SLT series, the aim was to produce a canister that is lightweight and extremely stable at the same time. The innovative design allows a reduction of 100 to 200 grams of material per canister. This means that the SLT canisters weigh only 700 grams. In addition, the SLT canisters are safely stackable and therefore space-saving. The rectangular stacking lugs ensure high stability and safety when stacking the canisters

Canisters with 35 % recycled content available with hazardous goods approval
The SLT canisters are available with a recycled content of 35 % with UN approval. Hazardous goods can be transported safely thanks to the use of high-quality polyethylene. The SLT canisters meet all specifications for transport and have passed the leak test. With the X-approval, the SLT canister has a very high UN hazardous goods approval.

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