In the picture from left to right: Stijn De Meulemeester (CEO Cup Concept Belgium), Gwendoline Hoornaert (CEO Biopack Belgium) and Gerhard Bertsch (CEO Cup Concept Germany)

FRIES’ subsidiary Cup Concept Mehrwegsysteme GmbH – headquartered in Sexau (Baden-Württemberg) – has founded an additional subsidiary in Belgium after the one in Vienna. Cup Concept Belgium BV is forming a joint venture with Biopack, headquartered in Gistel (West Flanders). Management, among other things, will be assumed by Vorarlberg native Mag. (FH) Dr. Gerhard Bertsch. “As of January 1, 2020, the prohibition on disposable plastics will come into force in Belgium”, says the marketing expert, and he expects an increased interest in environmentally friendly solutions o the market, like the ones that the newly founded company offers.

Reusable, not disposable

Cup Concept develops and produces reusable cup systems, using its years of know-how that is consistently developed and is constantly adapted to the latest technology standards. Among other things, the company has produced specially printed reusable cups for major events such as the Rammstein tour, the Ed Sheeran tour, the Ice Hockey World Championship, and even the World Gymnaestrada in Dornbirn.

“We offer all-in service related to environmentally friendly and hygienic rinsing service, logistics and even storage of reusable cups at several of our proprietary subsidiaries and foreign locations”, says Mag. (FH) Dr. Gerhard Bertsch, explaining the sustainable and well-conceived overall package with solutions from a single source. A reusable cup can be reused roughly 150 times. “This prevents tons of plastic waste”, says the Managing Director, underscoring the company’s extensive environmental thinking. Every year, 26 million tons of plastic waste are produced in the EU. Less than one-third of the discarded plastic is currently recycled.

Ten percent growth in sales

Cup Concept Mehrwegsysteme GmbH expects a sales growth of roughly ten percent to 13 million euros for the current business year. The Vorarlberg native also forecasts six-figure sales for the new Belgian subsidiary.

Furthermore, there are discussions to expand the market into additional countries. “We are considering Ireland, Portugal or the Netherlands”, says Bertsch.

New product

To complement the winter, there is the newly developed hot-to-go-cup for hot drinks such as coffee, tea, mulled wine, punch etc. The special thing about it: its special shape makes the reusable cup fully printable. The creative and artistic possibilities are endless. Whether it is a logo, silhouette, photo, illustration: it will make the reusable cup a household item or even a collector’s item.