In the picture from left to right: Chamber of Employment President Hubert Hämmerle, apprentice trainer Michael Berchtold, and Michael Reiner/FRIES, Governor Markus Wallner, Chamber of Commerce President Hans-Peter Metzler

For the third time, FRIES Kunststofftechnik obtained the “Outstanding Training Company” seal of approval (2019 – 2022). The state government, Chamber of Employment, and Chamber of Commerce of Vorarlberg award this distinction to training companies who ensure an extraordinarily high quality standard in apprenticeship training.

FRIES looks back on a long tradition in training apprentices. Apprentices have been trained in Sulz for 60 years. Since then, more than 125 apprentices have completed their training at FRIES. Not only does this meet the consistently growing demand for qualified professionals, but it also gives young people the option to complete a practice-oriented training with diverse options.

Apprentice training at FRIES

The importance of the apprenticeship training is reflected both in the distinction as an “Outstanding Training Company” and in the outstanding performance of the apprentices in various competitions. “A major concern of ours is imparting our apprentices a good mix of professional and social competence”, says Michael Rainer, Director of Training at FRIES.

FRIES offers four teaching professions.

A new addition as of this fall is training to become an industrial clerk. This versatile field of activity includes various business tasks in different departments. Three additional apprenticeships – tool-making technician, plastics engineer, and plastics technician – are available at the headquarters in Sulz. 6 apprentices are currently undergoing training in Sulz.

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