Disposable vending machine cups end up in the trash immediately after the coffee has been consumed. To save this waste and to use resources more efficiently, the experts at FRIES Kunststofftechnik, together with its subsidiary Cup Concept Mehrwegsysteme, have developed a reusable cup that can be used in existing coffee vending machines. We also offer an additional service for the collection, cleaning and delivery of these cups.

Sustainable solution
“Our ingenious rim allows this coffee cup to be used in existing vending machine designs,” Mag explains. Gerhard Bertsch, managing director of sales and marketing, says, “If the rim doesn’t fit exactly, it could damage the mechanics inside the vending machine.”

This practical solution makes it very easy to switch from disposable to reusable cups in companies, public authorities, hospitals, universities and in public areas. The cups can be taken back with or without a deposit system. This decision will vary, depending on the size of the company or the location and area of use.

Those who choose to switch without a deposit system will receive a stainless-steel return box that will be picked up twice a week, so the sustainable reusable cups can be cleaned. This cycle could be repeated up to 400 times per vending machine cup. The same applies to a return service with a deposit machine. The returnable cup is inserted into the reverse vending machine and read by means of a code. The deposit is credited back to the employee’s chip.

A test run is already underway in a large industrial plant in Vorarlberg.

Individual design
The cup can be customized. In addition to the choice of color, the company’s logo can also be placed on the reusable vending machine cup. This makes everyone aware of sustainability at first glance.

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